Our Projects

Ski application

Mobile application that makes your skiing with friends more fun and safe. You can see where your friends are and view all relevant ski information while you are on slopes. Some features:

mobile navigation app

safety call and locator


Custom E-Shopping web application

Integrated with shipping and tracking providers

Supports credit card payments, returns & refunds

Custom Taxi solution

Complete Custom Taxi solution working real-time accross multiple platorms:

driver mobile application

dispatcher web application

customer mobile application

Route optimization tool

Internal solution for a big trucking company in USA that improves the efficiency of delivering orders to customers.

dispatcher web app

Geo map app for geomechanics data

Data classification in Geo-map form integrated in custom real-time web application

visualization of experimental data

user friendly geo locator integrated

Cryptocurrency bot (automated trading platform)

Web application for automated trading on Cryptocurrency markets.

user friendly interface

deep ai options

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